The Hans Sternbach Vineyard
Is the materialization of a dream about an agricultural touristic complex

The vineyard is situated in the farm of Gadi Sternbach, and Shula Yefet at the village of Giv`at-Yesha`ayahu in the district of 'Adulam.

It consists of a sustainable vineyard, a winery, an organic vegetable & fruit garden, a restaurant and a venue for small events.

an organic orchard, organically grown livestock and a few guest rooms will be added in the future. The farm will have facilities for the collection and storage of Rainwater, for the clearing and purification of all grey water and for the production of sustainable energy.

The vineyard, named after Gadi's father, is about one mile away from the farmyard and the winery.

Gadi and Shula are long time members of "Slow Food".
-  The vineyard is organically fertilized.
   Spraying and artificial irrigation are

-  The grapes grow close to the winery
   and the wine is made without
   biochemical manipulations.

-  The cuisine is local, prefers local
   products and uses, as much as
   possible, wild plants and crops of the
   restaurant's garden.

-  The employees are fairly treated and
   decently paid