The Wines

The winery makes three series of generic wines. It is committed to the geographical origin of the grapes, but neither to their varietal composition, nor to producing all three every year.

Janaba – The premium series: is made exclusively from grapes of the Janaba vineyard.
Currently it contains two wines:
-  Janaba Reserve - red
-  White Janaba

Hakhlil valley – The second series: is also made from grapes of the Janaba vineyard, but when necessary supplemented with grapes from neighbouring vineyards in the Hakhlil valley.
Currently it contains three wines:

-  Hakhlil valley - red
-  Hakhlil valley White
-  Hakhlil valley Rose

Ella valley – the 'Nouveau': A red wine for drinking in the year after its harvest. In spite of its name, indicating grapes from the entire drainage basin of the Ela Valley, it is in fact separated (liquid only) from the Hakhlil Valley wine, right at the end of alcoholic fermentation.

Our wines are sold only on the farm. This way the profit margins  are saved and divided between our clients and us.

We offer considerable discounts for quantity

A significant part of our wine is sold as "Futures", at even more tempting discounts.

Our wines do not have a rabbinical kosher certificate.