A Workshop on Terroir
A combination of a visit to the vineyard, a visit and tastings in the winery and a talk with the wine maker form a 2 hour workshop on the subject 'Terroir'
-  The maximum number of participants
   on wine workshops is 20.

Dry rusks or croutons and water for
   mouth freshening 
will accompany the
wine workshops

-  Tours and workshops can be upgraded    with the tasting of additional wines.
   Price: 8 for each additional wine.

-  The tours and workshops can be
upgraded with cheese plates And/or
cold cut plates (all home made)
   accompanied by home made 
   dough bread. The snacks will be served    after the wine tasting
   Price: 50 per person.

Other wine workshops
Wine workshops on other subjects can also be ordered.
The exact subject, the duration, the number of participants and the price will be determined per each case.

Wine tours
Gadi Sternbach has spent 30 years of his life guiding and organizing tours.
When he is free, Gadi can organize and guide wine tours in the close region and in the entire country

The emphasis on these tours will be on Wine, Vineyards, Wineries, Terroir (geology, soil, climate & tradition), Archeology of wine and vineyard, Wine in Jewish culture and tradition and General Culinary
The exact itinerary, duration, number of participants and price will be determined per each case.