Renting the Pergola
without our catering

It is possible to rent the place on modular plan and use outside design and catering service.

Following are the modules of renting the place

-  Use of the pergola and its vicinity.
   Connection to electricity and water.
   Use of a room in the house for

-  Use of the front part of the winery as

-  Rental of tables (rectangular, square
   and round), chairs, table cloths and

-  Use of the grill – including Charcoals.

-  Use of the oven – including fire wood.

-  Alternative seating (low couches and
   tables, mats and cushions.

-  Parking wardens, one of which will stay
   on and keep the wash room clean.

-  A portable safe for money & cheques
   and a basket for presents.

-  Audio system – for quiet background
   music only.

-  Front projector and screen.

-  Fans.

The rental time is 7 hours.

On Thursdays there is a 5% addition to the prices. On Fridays & Saturdays 10%